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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Can't wait to get starcraft

I haven't actually gotten starcraft II yet, but I can't wait to get it. I'm just saving up some extra cash until I have enough. According to my friends protoss is the easiest to learn for new players.

The graphics look amazing and I can't wait to play! Here's the specs for my computer:

AMD Phenom ii x2 (dual core) 3.2 Ghz (I have not made any attempts at overclocking)
4GB DDR 3 RAM (1333)
ATI Radeon 5750 Video Card 1Gb

Post a comment about how you think my computer will run SC2.


  1. Bro, have you tried that web "Can you run it?" it runs a script that check your pc and tell you if the game will work. I'm not sure how accurate is, though.

    Btw looks like your pc will run the game just fine.

  2. Your computer should be fine. Assuming you don't try anything ridiculous (a la CRYSIS at max settings) you'll probably be fine.

    Also, the Protoss are pretty cool guys.

    Keep me posted, sir!

  3. Protoss is easiest to learn? Huh. I never knew that. But yeah your compy should be able to handle it. I've got an ATI 5770 and it runs just fine

  4. Greetings, fellow Starcraft blogger. Your computer if fine and you shouldn't have any problem running the game. And yes, you should probably start with Protoss or Terran. Zerg might be pretty hard to play in the beginning.

  5. You may not be able to run it on ultra, but tweak the settings and you'll do just fine.

    I'm obsessed with perfect framerates, so graphics arent really my top priority, personally.

  6. wish i hard the hardware to play sc2. gotta stick to scbw now

  7. I'm the same way Oonoes I can't handle anything below 25 when gaming. Frame Rate> Image quality In my opinion.

  8. The single player campaign is awwwwesome.
    It'll also teach you about Terran and lots of new units.
    When are you getting it?

  9. so glad i've found a starcraft blog!!!!!!


  10. Oh crap, I just remembered that I own SC2 but have yet to put it on my new computer, but I bet your computer will be able to run it just fine.

  11. ive seena few clips for this. not sure whether to get it though cos im sure ill spend waaaay too much time on it xd

    supporting and following Bro

  12. Hahahaha, a blog BEFORE you got StarCraft II!? I'm following this just to see to hilarity that ensues! Follow me, I do some game reviews I'm sure you'd like :-)

  13. haha yeah gamerman this blog is a little different from most Starcraft blogs. I wanted to write about my experiences and thoughts on the game as a newcomer.

    Your blog looks really cool. I followed it.

  14. Yay a starcraft blog!

    Automatic Follow!

  15. Starcraft ftw! my new blog :)